library235 32nd Street, Avalon, NJ
(609) 967-7155

Summer Hours (June-August)
Monday 9AM-8PM
Tuesday 9AM-8PM
Wednesday 9AM-5PM
Thursday 9AM-8PM
Friday 9AM-5PM
Saturday 9AM-5PM
Sunday 11AM – 3PM

Holidays & Closings
Memorial Day Weekend (open Saturday)
Labor Day Weekend (open Saturday)

FREE Internet Access

Your library card numbers gives you 2 hours access to the internet or various productivity software options such as Microsoft Office Suite. Use may be restricted to half hour increments during times of high demand.

All printing jobs must be prepaid at the circulation desk.
Black & White–$0.10 per page
Color–$0.25 per page

Fax Service and Copier
The library provides fax service within the continental U.S. $1.00 per page (cover page is free)

A black and white copier is available for patrons for $0.15 per page. A change machine is available at the copier for your convenience.