The Mealey Family

It was only about 10 weeks ago when my wife and I decided to look seriously for a beach home in the Avalon / Stone Harbor area. We received recommendations from different friends for different agents; but the recommendation for Holly was the most glowing by far.

“I called Holly and left a message; she called back within 10 minutes (I already liked her). Holly spent just a few minutes talking about her experience and knowledge of the market, and spent much time learning about us and what we were looking for in a beach home. She asked great, efficient questions and she seemed to understand us and our needs within 45 minutes (now I really liked her).

“Holly did research and emailed us a list of every available property in the market that met our specific needs (price range / size/ closeness to the beach, etc.) within a few days. We studied the choices and wished to spend 1 long day visiting each property.

“When we met Holly in person in Avalon, my wife remarked on the side that this is one of the few salespeople who genuinely listened intently on what we are saying; she didn’t have her own agenda or attempt to impress us. She listened and focused completely on us (how refreshing).

“But what we loved most about Holly was her legitimate objectiveness addressing the pros and cons of each home we visited. She made no attempt to direct us toward any home but provided objective info, some which we noticed but some we did not see during this all day trek.

“As the recent owner of one of the largest home furnishings companies in PA and NJ with a huge number of sales staff, I’ve never had salesperson as good as Holly.

“I rarely write reviews, but the experience Holly provided my wife and I was far, far better than we’ve ever received shopping for any of our previous 5 homes over several decades. We made settlement on our Stone Harbor home 3 weeks ago and love it.

“I’m happy I’m not a real estate salesperson competing against Holly Rennie; she is awesome!

The Mealey Family