Buyer Tools


  1. Contact a mortgage lender to learn about the various mortgage programs available and the best option for your personal situation. Select local lenders familiar with the area you are purchasing in. More Mortgage Information
  2. Go to to familiarize yourself with location and what type of property is available in that area
  3. Not all realtors are equal; interview realtors to ensure you have the right “fit” you need to make the right purchase decision. Visit their websites; look for testimonials and ask for personal/professional recommendations. Contact Holly Rennie at, visit, or call 609-967-4200 ext 3114 and I will gladly share names and numbers of prior clients for you to contact. Familiarize yourself with agency relationships (Consumer Information Statement/Agency Relationships).
  4. Begin your property search. Set up an appointment with your realtor to share your personal needs and requirements. Share your pre-approval information and the price range you are comfortable with so your realtor can recommend appropriate homes/locations. Schedule appointments to preview those of interest.
  5. Familiarize yourself with the contract process and other unique features specific to you area that need to be taken into consideration when creating an offer to purchase a home. Have a complete understanding of the attorney review process and other unique differences in New Jersey contract law.

Once you have selected your seashore dream home, have successfully negotiated a contract, have it fully signed, and have gone through the attorney review process, the work is not over.

  1. Your realtor will assist you in ordering a home inspection and have a home inspector complete a full inspection of the property (Home Inspection Sample). Review the report with Holly and review what repairs if any that you wish to be completed. Holly will speak with the Sellers Agent about the list of repairs and ask for the repairs to be completed
  2. Your realtor will assist you in selecting an exterminator to complete a pest inspection. Review the report with Holly and identify if there is any need for termite treatment (Sample Termite Report).
  3. Your realtor will assist you in other inspections that may be necessary are well, such as septic, radon, and lead-based paint.
  4. Your realtor will assist you in obtaining an inventory/exclusion list and agree to the list or negotiate the inventory if needed (Sample Inventory List).
  5. Your realtor will assist you in selecting a title company who will order the title work, title insurance, survey, and elevation.
  6. Your realtor will assist you in selecting an insurance company to obtain liability, flood, and contents insurance.