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Andrea and Holly on a bayside balconyThe Holly Rennie Team: Avalon Vacation Rentals and Stone Harbor Beach Rentals

The task of locating the ideal family vacation property rental is met with much enthusiasm and optimism as well as trepidation and anxiety. Finding the vacation rental home that will suit everyone’s needs and expectations weighs heavily on the one “assigned” the project from the day the search begins.

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The Holly Rennie team is the answer to the question of how to relieve those fears. Our team of professionals are with you every step of the way, assisting you in navigating through our user-friendly website, identifying what location, property style, floor plan, and price range best suits your needs, sifting through the many options, and then finally making the big decision – choosing the house! We process your lease paperwork electronically; no waiting for the US Mail any longer! Enjoy the convenience of paying by credit card or bank check, sign and scan/fax the lease back to us.  Instantly you have reserved your summer vacation home!

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The Holly Rennie team makes it their mission to familiarize themselves with all of their available vacation rental homes in order to answer your questions about each property. If there is a question we don’t know the answer to (we do handle over 900 homes), we will work hard to obtain the answers you need.

Communicating and keeping in touch are the cornerstones of our success at all stages: during your search, prior to your arrival, during your vacation, and after you leave. We follow up via email reminder notices a month before your vacation so you are properly prepared. Prior to your arrival, one of our team members will check your vacation rental property to ensure it is ready and prepared for you. We do our best to follow up with a phone call within the first 48 hours to make sure all is well. If there is a problem while you are here on vacation, our customer service liaison is at the ready with a fast response and resolution of your needs.

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We appreciate how dear your family beach vacation rental is to you, and we work hard to make it an enjoyable experience. You deserve it! When you sadly leave to return home, we follow up to see if we met your expectations and, if not, to find out how we can improve. We also use this opportunity to see if we can help with your beach vacation rental plans for the following year. We can also show you how purchasing a home here can allow you to maximize your rental income.

Once you have been in touch with or rented through the Holly Rennie team, you will receive updates and reminders throughout the year. It is our job to keep in touch with you and to remind you about plans for your next seashore vacation rental. We keep you informed of island activities through our Facebook page (What’s Happening in Avalon and Stone Harbor), as well as by occasional email updates direct to you.

It is our pleasure to serve the hundreds of families we work with every summer. We look forward to serving you, too!